Pastor Michael E. Hill, Sr.

†††††††††† The call of God rested upon Pastor Michael Hill from early childhood.  As a son of the Church of God in Christ, the Lordís hand was heavily upon him as he was being prepared for the ministry.  Throughout each era in his life, God was priming him for this very purpose.

             Pastor Hill is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  Upon completing high school, he attended Detroit College of Business, Highland Park Community College and Saints Junior College in Lexington, Mississippi.

             Pastor Hillís father, Bishop Robert Hill, was an exceptional man of God, and both his father and his mother, Mrs. Cozette Hill, have played a very influential and nurturing role in his life.

             After the demise of his father in 1986, Pastor Hill assumed leadership of the body of believers now known as ďHill Memorial Church of God in ChristĒ.  Pastor Michael Hill has moved the church forward introducing innovative and exciting changes into the ministry that have ignited and propelled it to new heights, and inspired countless people.  A highlight of his work came in 1997 when he led the church into its new multi-million dollar complex in Dearborn, MI, this being the first African American church to locate into that city.

             Pastor Hill is a very talented and anointed man of God.  The ministry of music (organ) and singing are gifts that were imparted to him at an early age.  However, God exalted him from the soft touch of the ivory to the realm of spiritual warfare.

             Pastor Hill presently serves faithfully in the Church of God in Christ at all levels.  He is an Administrative Assistant and Chairman of the finance committee for the Great Lakes First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; the Superintendent for the Deliverance district, and serves as President of the International Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ.

             Pastor Hill has been the loving husband of Missionary Pearl Hill for over 30 years.  This loving bond has produced two beautiful children: daughter NaKisha Walls (Dwight Walls, Jr.) and their three children P.J. (Dwight, III), Micah, and Christian; and a son, Michael E. Hill, Jr. (Katrina) and their daughters, Kyla. And Kelia

             His devotion and love for his family is evident on a daily basis.  The love that he displays for his family is the love that Christ showed toward the church.  Pastor Hill believes in sound doctrine and his ministry caters to the need of the total man.  He studies and searches the Word of God daily for a fresh anointing to feed Godís people.  In his uniqueness as an individual, he attracts people of all ages and persuasions.  His profound teaching and preaching ability waters thirsty souls throughout the United States, stimulating to new depths in Christ and new heights in faith.  Above all, deep, strong roots in the church laid foundation for his phenomenal success in the ministry.